The book of ideals | Marnix Geus

How to Change Yourself and the World


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ISBN 9789461265296
Aantal bladzijden 208
Afmetingen 213 x 150 x 22 mm
Afwerking Paperback / softback
Uitgever Haystack, Uitgeverij
Auteur Marnix Geus (auteur)

Marnix Geus said goodbye to the successful PR agency he founded earlier in 2017 and started The Present Movement, a broad movement of people who fight for more compassionate humanity and (equality) dignity. With these and other initiatives, Marnix is a key figure straddling between traditional companies and social and sustainable initiatives, helping people and companies to realize their ideals.
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Druk 1
Datum van uitgifte 13-10-2022
Foreword by Yvonne and Rich Dutra-St. John, founders of Challenge Day From the inside out An ideal start to the journey Introduction PART 1. WAKING UP With a contribution by Halima Neffakh PART 2. START! With a contribution by Jacqueline Way PART 3. TEAM-UP With a contribution by Alaeddin Janid PART 4. PERSEVERE With a contribution by Jeena Earthiva PART 5. LETTING GO With a contribution by Fionnuala Herder-Wynne What now? Encore - how about Rumi? Acknowledgement Appendices