Mirrors | Marieke Bertens

A practical guide to change your reality quickly


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ISBN 9789492632180
Aantal bladzijden 230
Afmetingen 230 x 154 x 15 mm
Afwerking Paperback / softback
Uitgever Walking my Revolution Publishers
Auteur Marieke Bertens (auteur)

Marleen te Vaanholt (vertaler)
Marieke Bertens (1985) learned to turn her life around and heal herself in a practical way through a critical look at her reality. In a short time, she walked many paths, but the concept of "Mirrors" kept coming back everywhere. Eventually, she meditated on this principle for hours and started living it. The path of consciousness that she discovered, she now teaches with great success to her many students. Marieke has a down-to-earth view, uses easy language, weaves in personal examples everywhere and has a smooth writing style. She channeled this book with the intention of helping her readers in an easy way to take their lives into their own hands, and she helps them also create the life of their dreams. Mainly, Marieke received her knowledge straight from the Universe, and her practical experience was caused by spending many hours with her own thoughts. She applied this experience to personal coaching with clients. After her many deep programs, there is now this layered book that she wrote with great gratitude and pride.
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Datum van uitgifte 01-03-2022